Monday, June 28, 2010

Arrest Warrant/Bench Warrant Recall

For a Criminal Defense Attorney in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, representing someone with an Arrest Warrant issued by the court can be a tricky situation.

An Arrest Warrant can be the result of a major felony while other times it is due to a past crime that may have been a misdemeanor. Still other Arrest Warrants are issued because someone did not do what they promised to do. Either way, it means that the person could face jail time for lack of compliance with some court order.

A Bench Warrant is an Arrest Warrant that is issued by a Judge after someone fails to appear in court. Law enforcement is allowed to detain the person based upon this court order to get that individual to appear in court, as per the judge’s orders.
Having a Criminal Defense Attorney in such a situation is absolutely vital, because otherwise the individual is at the mercy of the polce department holding him for the court, which could create serious problems. Plus, a warrant can lead to enhanced legal punishments, such as jail time, fines and probation.

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