Thursday, February 24, 2011

Creating a Culture of Excellence in EMS

By David Givot, Esq.

Sometimes, it is almost as if I don't recognize the world around me anymore...  Pop stars are getting younger and younger, but showing more and more skin. The weather has become breaking news. Snowboarding is an Olympic sport and, as pointed out by General Larry Platt, everywhere I look, I see kids "...looking like a fool with their pants on the ground."

When I see the way society is changing from when I was a kid, the only conclusion to draw is that our culture is shifting. Of course, I am not surprised since our culture has been changing and evolving since the first caveman tied his tiger-cloth over his shoulder instead of around his waist.

I see similar cultural issues in EMS. I have seen and worked with EMS providers and agencies throughout the United States and I have noticed that the similarities are as distinct as the differences from place to place. The differences don't bother me too much because every area has different needs to which local EMS seems to have adapted. It is many of the similarities that concern me.

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