Thursday, February 4, 2010

Case Results Update

The following is a brief list of results obtained
by Criminal Defense Attorney, David J. Givot
(310) 699-0070 -

Please understand that every case is different and there are many factors that determine how a case will resolve. The following are a few recent case results for The Law Office of David J. Givot. These results are not a guarantee or prediction of how your specific case will result.

Third Strike Felony Providing Marijuana to a Minor: Client, just 25 days away from completing parole and in possession of a valid California Medical Marijuana Card, was arrested after an individual standing near him and among a group of others, was seen by police smoking marijuana from a pipe in public. The individual was 16-year-old.

My client was arrested after the frightened teen told police that my client had provided it through is California card, despite witness statements to the contrary. Because of his two prior strikes, the District Attorney sought 25-years to life in prison for my client.

After extensive & thorough private investigation and securing the cooperation & support of his parole officer, I was able to negotiate a settlement directly with the Judge, bypassing the DA altogether, and my client will be home in approximately 13 months.

Felony Possession of Controlled Substance & Deadly Weapon: Client was arrested during a raid on the home in which he was renting a room. Although the client was neither named in the warrant nor believed to be involved in any illegal activity, he was taken into custody and his rented room searched.

During the search, law enforcement discovered and the client was arrested for possession of a small amount of marijuana and several pills, later identified as Hydrocodone and Phenobarbital along with a rifle, a handgun, and a Billy club.

After some simple research, I was able to show the DA the blatant flaws in the Police Department's investigation. Case dismissed.

Misdemeanor Theft: Client was seen on security video concealing DVDs in his pants and exiting the store. He admitted to both store security and Police that he had stolen the DVDs. His record showed similar conduct in his passed.

He was arraigned and charged with the misdemeanor.

After negotiation with the District Attorney, the complaint was amended to include petty theft as a civil infraction and the misdemeanor was dismissed. No Jail. No Probation. No Criminal Conviction.

Misdemeanor Driving with Suspended License: Client was cited and charged with three criminal counts when he was discovered driving after his license had been suspended because of a recent DUI. After considerable negotiation with the City Attorney, two of the three charges were dismissed and the client was sentenced to unsupervised probation and NO Jail!

  • Felony Assault with a Deadly Weapon: Client was arrested and booked on suspicion of Assault with a Deadly Weapon after a fight in which his opponent was sent to the hospital by ambulance with serious injuries, including a severed temporal artery.

  • Within hours of receiving the call, I had met with the client in custody, investigated the scene of the incident, and reviewed the surveillance video - before the Police had reviewed it.

  • I concluded from the evidence I had gathered, that the opponent was the aggressor and that my client had a clear case of self defense. I met with the head DA, before the Police even submitted the file, and the case was summarily rejected when it arrived. Case dismissed before it was filed.

  • Felony Commercial Burglary: Client, a sworn peace officer, was arrested and booked on suspicion of Commercial Burglary when it was discovered that, without her knowledge, her shopping companion - now former friend - had shoplifted merchandise from a Beverly Hills department store.

  • Within hours of receiving the call, I had been to the store, met with the lead detective, and reviewed the surveillance video that showed no criminal conduct by my client.

  • The following morning, I met with the charging DA along with the detective and discussed their lack of evidence against my client.

  • Although her companion was arraigned. No charges filed against my client.

  • Felony Drug Possession: Client was charged with felony transportation & possession of marijuana for sale. After negotiating with the DA and the Judge, my client received probation for 18 months after which the charge can be reduced to a misdemeanor and then expunged. No State Prison, No Jail.

  • Felony Cocaine Possession: Client was charged with possession of cocaine in a vehicle. After I demanded additional evaluation of the evidence, including finger print analysis to link the drugs to my client... All charges dropped, case dismissed.

  • Felony Drug Possession with a Gun Enhancement: Client, a medical professional, was charged with felony possession of meth in a vehicle while also in possession of a loaded handgun. after negotiation with the DA, client received only unsupervised probation and diversion classes. No State Prison, No Jail!

  • Felony Identity Theft: Client was charged with multiple felony counts when it was discovered that he had used the identity of another when he was arrested and convicted for DUI. Client was facing 19 years in state prison. After filing and arguing a variety of motions, the client received 180 days of recommended work furlough followed by probation. No State Prison. No Jail.

  • Multiple Misdemeanor Counts: Client was charged with drug possession, receiving stolen property, false vehicle registration, and driving on a suspended license...ALL IN ONE TRAFFIC STOP! After arguing certain motions, the client received only 4 days in private jail followed by probation.

  • Misdemeanor Possession of Meth: Client was charged with possession of meth in a vehicle. Probation and diversion only. No Jail.

  • If you or a loved one has been arrested, charged, or even accused of a crime, call The Law Office of David J. Givot at (310) 699-0070 for a FREE confidential consultation or visit
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